NPN Ltd is a proactive and innovative company.

We noted in 2006 that the New Zealand industry was not adding value to production and the future being potentially bleak when comparing our raw materials against other raw materials and we decided that we  had to investigate other opportunities.  This is what has lead us to develop the Kiwitan™ and Britewool™ processes, which we are convinced are the answers to revitalising the Ovine Industry.  There are added advantages environmentally, reduced labour costs both in NZ and overseas, as well as improving the quality of processed pelts.  We have patented our Kiwitan™ process on lamb skins.

More recently we have developed our Britewool(NZ Pat No 584249 ) process which is designed to replace salt as the method of preserving woolskins. This process recently passed the Industry standard trial, that is 90 days in LASRA's Tropical Chamber at 30ºC. The preserved skins have been innoculated with LASRA's standard fungal inoculum. Obviously bacteria are also present. After passing the 90 days which equates to 9 Months normal storage conditions we requested that the trial continue . . . at the time we worked on the web site we were up to 168 days which would have been equivalent to approx.16.8 months. The trial was cancelled at that time.

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All products tendered are from reputable suppliers who are all quality controlled.


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    The staff of NPN Ltd all have extensive technical back grounds.


    Kelvin Pritchard:

    Manager/Director - 28 years in the Tanning Industry


    Robbie Bell:

    Technical Manager - 30 years in the Tanning Industry


    Neil Pritchard:

    Director - 41 years in the Tanning Industry


    Backed up by Steve Trantum:

    Marketing Manager TRUMPLER. Steve visits New Zealand 3 to 4 times per year.




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